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Vibe Yoga is here to provide an inclusive safe space to tune out and slow down. Our classes are aimed to improve mental, physical, emotional balance for any shape, size, or skill level. The community we’ve built is based on offering flexible class schedules for busy bodies, early risers, and night owls while our trained instructors encourage you to achieve your wellness goals.

Why Should You Choose Vibe Yoga?

Improve Wellness

We provide a safe space to tune out and slow down.

Bring Balance Back

Mental, physical, emotional – we encourage balance across the board.

Inclusive Classes

Classes for all shapes, sizes, and skill.

Flexible Schedules

Flexible class scheduling for busy bodies, early risers, and night owls.


Our Vibe Yoga community is here to help you destress and achieve your wellness goals.

Trained Instructors

Our trained instructors offer diverse classes for engaged experiences.

diverse & unique classes

All Levels

All Levels Yoga invites you to work with your body and breath however it shows up on a given day. Your instructor will offer various options with some poses so you can explore and learn more on days when you feel energetic or stay with the fundamentals on days when you need the stability.

Chair Yoga

This gentle class uses both the yoga mat and a chair and is designed for relaxation. You will experience deep, rhythmic breathing accompanied by simple stretches in a safe and comfortable setting. Enjoy yoga benefits and chair guidance for support, balance or advancing the pose.

Warriors at Ease Trauma Informed Classes

This is a trauma-sensitive, all-levels, 75-minute yoga class geared towards military, veterans, first responders, & persons with acute stress, PTSD and TBI’s. The class begins with movement with modifications and ends with a guided relaxation or iRest Yoga Nidra.

… and that’s not all!

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Vibe Yoga?

Vibe Yoga’s affordable yoga classes with inclusive options solidify our belief that yoga should be for everybody.

We offer classes and workshops that work with all shapes, sizes, abilities, body types, and genders. Our teachers apply the principles and practices of yoga in order to create inclusive spaces. We use socially informed language, innovative modifications, and conscious movement that does not sit anyone out during classes.

From classes, private sessions, workshops, and specialty classes – you can trust that we do our best to ensure everyone vibes well with our trained team!

Your Wellness is Our #1 Concern

In efforts to decrease the spread of Covid-19 and all other communicable diseases, we have proudly created a “touch-free environment”. This includes only advance online registration, hand and mat sanitizer stationed throughout, and extensive cleaning guidelines between every class. Mats and all necessary props will be for sale, and all sale purchases will also be touch-free. It is also asked that if you are feeling under the weather to please cancel your class and stay at home. Teachers will remain at a social distance as well and stickers have been placed on the floor for mat placements.

PLEASE NOTE: Yoga Mats and Props will NOT be provided unless purchased or rented for $3.00/class. Cash will not be tendered, so please have a method of payment stored on your MINDBODY app if intending to rent.